On the Issues


Developing thoughtful solutions to the housing crisis is the most important job of our local leaders and I am committed to pushing forward policy that is sensitive to the unique needs – social, economic, environmental – of our community. I feel strongly that we can build housing in a way that protects the beautiful and unique character of Santa Barbara and that is responsive to our urgent need to consider long-term housing needs.


The importance of downtown revitalization efforts to District 6 and to Santa Barbara cannot be understated. By encouraging growth downtown (through streamlined permitting, creative use of space, new events, and more), we will bolster our local economy. A healthy economy for our city means economic opportunity for our workers, improved services, higher salaries for local employees – the impacts are endless.


Traffic congestion is a huge issue for District 6, and we must lean on our ability to innovate when it comes to ameliorating this problem for our neighbors. I will prioritize the continued development of alternative and sustainable transportation options in Santa Barbara, including accessible and affordable mass transit, walkable communities and safe bicycling options to connect our neighborhoods with the rest of the city.

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